Valle Romano Golf (Sold out)


A turnkey project, also known as EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) is a contract under which the contractor is responsible for both design and construction of the project. It is a package contract that offers a “design & build” service which makes it an attractive option thanks to the following advantages:

– Overall risk reduction: one of the main advantages of turnkey projects is avoiding unforeseen costs, hidden expenses or delays in the project. In turnkey projects, the turnkey specialist ensures a strict planning from its early stage, avoiding risks and preventing additional costs.
– Fast Process: working with a single company guarantees a timeline, having a smooth communication between both parties and working effectively to respect the deadlines. The development process is efficient and much easier as there are not several parties involved.
– Time efficiency: as two processes are being merged together, the overall project is accelerated. Several administrative procedures become unnecessary and the whole project management becomes easy and quick, saving a lot of time.
– Effective cost estimations: budgeting the project becomes much more accurate with turnkey projects. By working with a single contractor, number estimations are much closer to the real numbers, disabling hidden costs.

Turnkey projects are a great option for those seeking easy and hassle-free projects as they come with several advantages that make the whole process efficient. We highly recommend getting in touch with us to learn more about this option.

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